Monday 9 July 2012

Wembury 9th July 2012

It has been nearly a month since I last went for a walk at Wembury so today despite the risk of some very muddy paths following the recent torrential rain I caught the bus out to Wembury to see how things are. The path wasn't too bad and everything appeared to be in order except for the picture below.

Spot the mistake on the National Trust information board

The toilet block held a silver y, a snout and a small blood vein along with 2 yet-to-be-identified micro moths. Along the walk I again disturbed many silver y moths from the vegetation, there must have been quite an influx of them despite the weather - and I even had one in my moth trap this morning too.


Small Blood Vein

A few meadow brown were on the wing along with single ringlet and a large white and I counted 8 common lizards on the wooden fence beams by the path with a single common lizard on the wall at the bus stop. I had a quick look for a scarlet tiger moth at the bus stop too but was out of luck.


Chiffchaffs and whitethroats were seen and heard and a male mallard in eclipse plumage looked very forlorn sat alone on the rocks. At Wembury Point a little egret was roosting at high tide with 30 oystercatcher, 2 whimbrel and 14 curlew, presumably failed breeders on a quite early date. 2 buzzards and 2 raven flew along the coast and 2 fledgling stonechats were seen along with 2 males and a female. 2 cirl buntings were heard singing with a further 2 male birds being seen. A green woodpecker was heard yaffling away with a brief flight view as it flew in to the pines at Wembury Point, a bird I haven't seen at Wembury for a while now. Offshore a few gannets were seen although they were quite a way out.

Two false oil beetles with chunky thighs were seen on some flowers and sheeps bit was in flower at Wembury Point.

Sheeps Bit with The Mewstone in the background


  1. I think I passed you on the coast path!

  2. Sorry, I would have said Hi but I was wrapped up in my little nature world as usual!