Saturday 28 July 2012

Back Yard Moths

With the good weather the moth trap has been busy in the back yard this week and in the mornings when I have checked it out it has been dry and has contained quite a few moths!

Best moth has been a new for the garden small fan footed wave. Another possible new moth for the garden was a brief view of a fly away fanfoot or small fan foot.

Small Fan Footed Wave

A swallowtailed moth was a nice find as were my first knot grass of the year.

Swallowtailed Moth

A grand total of 5 marbled green were found one morning, 4 on the nearby wall and 1 in the trap, with all 5 varying in size and colouration but all very nice looking.

Marbled Greens

Marbled Greens

A Jersey tiger moth was a nice sight flopping around in the trap before it too escaped and flew off and I had my first copper underwing of the year - not a Svenssons copper underwing as it had no obvious copper colouring on its underside when I looked at it through a clear pot.

Jersey Tiger Moth

Copper Underwing

Copper Underwing Underside

I've also had quite a few micro moths and I am trying to ID them but I have managed to identify garden grass veneer and Crassa unitella so far.

Garden Grass Veneer

Crassa unitella

Hopefully the good weather will hold a little longer so who knows what will turn up next.

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