Sunday, 1 May 2011

Wembury 30th April

Out for a walk at Wembury today but it was grey, cold and with a strong Easterly breeze so I left earlier than planned and as I caught the bus home it started to rain.

Whimbrels were very much in evidence along the beach and in the field above the horse stables, at least 11 seen at any one time but they were very mobile and vocal and with the tide almost out were difficult to count amongst the rocks. Their whistling calls are such a lovely sound of Spring and a few were heard singing as well, a very curlew like bubbling.Some were also very aggressive towards each other, displaying with wings and tails and chasing each other.

Also seen were 8 bar-tailed godwits, one resplendent in full summer plumage and 1 in semi-summer plumage with 6 in plain winter plumage. There seems to be a large passage of bar-tails across the country so it was nice to see Wembury in on the action too.

Whitethroats were everywhere singing away and chiffchaff and blackcap were heard. Swallows passed overhead and 4 wheatears were feeding along the beach.

The toilet block held 2 pug moths and a very much alive and not so tatty looking red twin spot carpet, unlike my recent garden specimen. A magpie moth caterpillar was found along the hedgerow where I saw adults last year.

Red Twin Spot Carpet

Magpie Moth Caterpillar
The dead harbour porpoise on the beach continues to decay, now being skinless and mainly bone but still attracting lots of flies.

Remains of the harbour porpoise

Flowers again much in evidence today with a yellow flag iris and ragged robin flowering by the stream in the valley to the beach, neither of which were flowering on our visit 6 days ago.

Yellow flag iris

Ragged robin
No pasty today as we were meeting up with our friend Julie for lunch in town but it was too grey and cold anyway. We headed off to the old Bar HaHa in town, now called The Berkley, and I enjoyed a burger and a glass of wine instead.

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