Monday, 16 May 2011

Plymbridge Woods 15th May 2011

Today was nice and sunny again, still no rain for the allotment, and I had the day off. David was doing a long day and I wanted to go to Wembury but unfortunately there are no buses running on Sundays so I headed off to Plymbridge Woods instead. I expected it to be busy but the world and his dog with a bike were there and it was very crowded and noisey at times. However once I had reached the third viaduct I headed down to the River Plym where it was quiet and peaceful with very few people.

The peregrine was seen sitting on the nest on the quarry but was very still and partially hidden in the nest and a lot of the people who had come to see them sounded a little disappointed at the poor view and lack of activity. From the viaduct a pair of grey wagtails were seen feeding 2 fledglings and a dipper was watched flying low over the water before heading up into the bank to its nest.

A dipper was later seen feeding in the river giving good views, you could see it clearly underwater where the sunlight pierced through the overhanging trees, and it was watched bashing the stones off caddis fly larvae cases to get to the larvae inside. A kingfisher was seen a few brief times flying silently low over the river.

4 spotted flycatchers were seen, giving good views, 2 by the footpath and 2 from the third viaduct. The pair at the viaduct were seen disappearing into the ivy clad viaduct wall with nesting material in their beaks.

Other wildlife seen were 2 speckled yellow moths, a comma butterfly, trout in the river and banded demoiselles along the river bank

Heading home I found a smart male pale tussock moth in the A38 underpass near Sainsbury, clinging on to one of the fluorescent lights. I also rescued a still alive male muslin moth from a spiders web and a pug moth completed the moth haul, I think it was a wormwood pug but I am not good with the pugs, they seem to wear quickly and never look like the photos or drawings in my guide books.

Male Pale Tussock Moth
? Wormwood Pug
Pretty Unknown
Flower Species
So despite the crowds, not a bad walk with some nice wildlife sightings.

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