Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Wedding Weekend -Wembury and Kitley House, 21st and 22nd May 2011

Saturday and I headed off to Wembury for a wander in the sunshine. Bird wise it was quiet but I did find 3 summer plumaged dunlin feeding along the beach with a ringed plover, 3 whimbrels feeding on the rocks and a count of 34 oystercatchers roosting on the rocks. A little egret flew along the coast and a shelduck was on the sea by the sewage pipe. 2 ravens flew over being mobbed by 2 jackdaws. A pair of cirl buntings were seen feeding together.

Fledglings were much in evidence with a pair of stonechats seen with 4 fledglings, the male was singing at times and was seen chasing off one of the fledglings. A male blackcap was seen feeding a fledgling, a great tit was seen feeding a youngster and a young blackbird was seen calling from a tree in the valley to the beach.

Insect wise it was a good day with 2 green hairstreaks, a wall, a small tortoiseshell and speckled woods representing butterflies, a burnet companion moth was a surprise after seeing them for the first time yesterday and false oil beetles with their huge thighs were feeding in the daisy flowers. Moth wise I also found a silver ground carpet, a male pale tussock, a white ermine and a common marbled carpet in the toilet block. A common swift moth was found squashed on the footpath and six spot burnets were also on the wing and I found quite a few of their caterpillars along the walk too. Speckled yellow moths were seen flitting over the cliff tops.

Speckled Yellow - finally stayed still long enough to get a photo, they are such skittish things!
False Oil Beetle - check out those thighs!

Common swift - squashed on the path but not by me!

White Ermine

Pale Tussock

Common Marbled Carpet
Also seen were loads of caterpillars feeding on some type of umbillifer, I am not sure what species they are but appear to be a moth species on checking butterfly caterpillars in the guide books. They are causing quite a bit of damage to the plants and were seen all along the walk but especially by the path by the cattle field.

Unknown caterpillar
 In the evening we headed off to Kitley House for my work colleague Monicas wedding reception. We had a good time and stayed the night there. I did see a brimstone moth and an orange footman flitting around a floodlight in the grounds, the footman being a new moth for me.

We were woken up early by twittering swallows and someone had set the alarm clock in the room to go off at 06:48 in the morning so we didn't get much sleep. After breakfast we had a walk around the estate and saw a male pochard and a pair of tufted duck on the large fish lake with 2 little egrets, and a pair of shelduck with 4 young on the creek.

Swallow from the bedroom window

Spring is here!
I decided to put the moth box out in the back yard that night and the next morning I had a new for the garden but very tatty iron prominent and a small square spot amongst the 9 moths in the trap.

Yellow Barred Brindle

A very tatty looking iron prominent
Monday and the weather was cold and grey so we had a quick walk along the coast at Wembury and I found a small magpie and a mottled beauty in the toilet block and I found a six-spot burnett moth coccoon on a grass stalk.
Mottled Beauty

Small Magpie

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