Thursday 17 December 2020

Local Wildlife

The weather remains very unsetttled with wind and rain interspersed with sunny and calm spells and this is hampering any birdwatching opportunities.

Wednesday 16th December was wet and windy in the morning but showery and calmer by lunchtime and so we took a walk around The Barbican and Plymouth Hoe. I hoped something interesting may have been blown inshore but there was nothing of note on our walk except for 5 Canada Geese resting with the Mute Swans on the shoreline of Sutton Harbour on the low tide. 

4 of the 5 Canada Geese, Sutton Harbour

Thursday 17th December was in contrast a glorious day, calm and sunny, but I had arranged to meet up with a few work colleagues for a socially distanced Christmas brunch in an outside cafe on The Hoe where we enjoyed our cooked breakfasts despite the divebombing and food stealing attentions of House Sparrows. 

House Sparrow - ready to pounce! 

Walking back into the city centre and a soaring Sparrowhawk over The Citadel created some drama as it dashed into a flock of Pigeons, taking one out and crashing into a nearby tree where the Pigeon managed to break free and fly off, hopefully to live to fight another day but more likely mortally wounded. 

After completing my chores in town I walked to Ford Park Cemetery for a look around, hoping to catch up with a Black Redstart but it was not meant to be again. I did see a Goldcrest with Blue, Great, Coal and Long-tailed Tits along with 2 female Pheasent (Mrs Chonks) but there was no sign of the male. 

Pheasent, Ford Park Cemetery

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