Saturday 4 May 2013

Wembury - 2nd May 2013

A quick walk along the coast path at Wembury in the sunshine was very pleasant and quite productive with my first speckled wood and red admiral sightings of the year.

Speckled Wood

Common lizards were sunning themselves on the fence posts, 2 large adults and 7 smaller, darker youngsters. An adder did its usual trick of scaring the crap out of me as it slithered across the footpath right under my feet at Wembury Point, a small, very yellow hued individual but big enough to make me jump.

 Adult Common Lizard
Adult Common Lizard

Best bird was a female redstart feeding from the trees near the gate by the road up to Wembury Church, swooping down to the ground to snatch insects and regularly quivering its red tail, only my second ever Wembury redstart.

Whitethroats were busily songflighting, 6 males in total and also seen were 2 females. Whimbrels were also in evidence along the beach, the most seen together at any one time were 13 but there were probably more present as they were very mobile and noisey and flighty due to disturbance along the beach by walkers. A pair of shelduck were feeding on the seaweed mass by the sewage pipe with 7 male mallard and 2 Canada geese flew along the shoreline. A male blackcap was seen singing but there was no sight or sound of any chiffchaffs.

Singing Male Whitethroat


A lone oil beetle was also seen by the footpath trying to dig a hole in the rock hard mud.

Oil Beetle

The cafe remains closed and there were no moths in the toilet block, either because the lights aren't on or because of the cold weather,or both.

Leaf Beetle sp.

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