Tuesday 22 February 2011

Jennycliff 22nd February

Today David had to go to work at 4:30 so we popped over to Mount Batten on the water taxi from The Barbican in Plymouth for some lunch at The Borringdon Arms pub in Turnchapel. Had a nice pint of Plymouth Pride Ale, a local brew from the South Hams Brewery, and a nice lunch of soup and apple crumble.

A walk after lunch along the coastpath to the cafe at Jennycliff was very pleasent in the mild although overcast weather, it felt very Spring like, made more so when a peacock butterfly flew low over the grass before disappearing from sight. Birds of note were 5 great crested grebes asleep on the sea in Jennycliff Bay, a goldcrest with some long tailed tits in bushes by the footpath and 6 fulmar prospecting the cliffs, 1 of which was very grey plumaged, lacking the distinctive white head and underparts of the other 5. It didn't appear to be dirty or oiled so I assume it was a grey morph or "blue phase" fulmar, the first I have seen.

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