Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Back Yard Moths - 1st July 2012

It is officially the wettest drought on record! Since calling an environmental drought for the South West on April 1st it has become the wettest April to June period on record! The rest of the country hasn't fared any better either!

Anyway, I worked an early shift on Saturday 30th June and as I was on a late shift Sunday I decided to put the moth box out in the back yard despite the forecast for overnight showers. It was surprisingly cool, more like September and not June but despite a soggy moth box in the morning I had quite a good night - 10 moths!

A heart and club was a garden tick and 2 buff arches were a very pretty find. A very smart female bee moth was a good find too, so called because the larva feed in bee and wasp nests on debris and the actual bee and wasp larva. 2 garden carpet and a heart and dart were more normal fare and I had a faded but my first for the year yellow barred brindle despite the loss of the back yard ivy. Moth number 9 was an uncertain and the final moth was a very worn one but I think it is another uncertain too but it is very difficult to tell.

Heart and Club
Buff Arches

Bee Moth - female

It has absolutely chucked it down with rain since Sunday night with today (Tuesday) being forecasted to be wet all day too, I had hoped to have a play with my new telescope today on my day off from work but never mind - hooray for the drought!

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