Sunday, 10 July 2011

Garden Moths 10th July 2011

I had the moth box out last night, the first time I have used it since painting the inside white and cutting down the ivy growing in next doors lilac bush. I was hoping the white of the box and a more open access to the garden from cutting the ivy down would improve numbers and species and the weather was looking good too, mild and overcast.

David was on an early shift so I was awake at 06:20hrs to be greeted by rain! It was only a shower but it had rained during the night too. However the box held a few goodies including a single dotted wave, new to the garden but I saw my first one ever at Thurlestone 2 days ago  - I always find this happens, I see a new moth somewhere out and about and then catch one in the moth box in my back yard!
Single Dotted Wave
Also in the trap were amongst others a very feisty large yellow underwing, a grey/dark dagger, a buff arches, 2 dark arches, a garden carpet and a bright-line brown-eye. Micro moths included my first Twenty plume moth, an ermine species, I think it is an orchard ermine as I have a plum tree in the backyard and this is one of its food plants, and a Dipleurina lacustrata, which I had in the trap on 26th June and which was identified for me after putting a photo up on the Back Garden Moth Community forum.

Grey/Dark Dagger

Orchard Ermine

Orchard Ermine

Dipleurina lacustrata

Buff Arches - a bizarrely beautiful moth
So not a bad haul considering the wet weather and it is always nice to see a buff arches, plus I had 2 new species for my life list and 3 new species for the garden. Only trouble is the drain is blocked so when David gets home we will need to get the plungers out!

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