Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Birdy Update and More Moths

Birdy seems to be going from strength to strength a week after being rescued from inside the chimney, the parents seem to have finally accepted him as their chick and are feeding him and being very protective of him when we go out in the back yard with lots of noise and  mobbing.


I had the moth box out in the back yard overnight on July 8th and on checking it out in the morning of July 9th despite the noise and swooping of the herring gull adults I had some nice moths including my first ever garden black arches.

Black Arches

I had expected more moths again with the recent hot and humid weather especially at night but the weather had turned again and it was a little cooler overnight than of late and the haul was a little disappointing. However there were some goodies inside the trap with the highlights being 6 male four spotted footman, 1 diamond back moth, 1Eudonia mercurella, 1 Coleophora trifolii, 1 Crassa unitella, 1 common footman, 1 buff arches and 1 Endotricha flammealis.

Four Spotted Footman

Diamond Back Moth

Crassa unitella

Coleophora trifolii

Coleophora trifolii

Common Footman

Endotricha flammealis

Willow Beauty

Willow Beauty

Eudonia mercurella

Eudonia mercurella

Monday 10th July and I woke up feeling crappy - achey, nauseous and lethargic - but after taking some paracetamol we headed over to Mount Batten for a walk, catching the ferry across from The Barbican. I felt ok but not brilliant and the short walk did me good although when we arrived back home I fell asleep on the sofa for 2 hours! A few butterflies were seen on the walk despite the cloudy skies - gatekeeper, large white, meadow brown and red admiral  - and I also saw a silver y, a 6 spot burnet and cinnabar moth caterpillars on ragwort.


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