Thursday, 3 March 2016

Yellow Browed Warbler and Ring Necked Parakeets

A quick walk at Wembury on Sunday 28th February was very quiet after the excitement of my visit last Thursday with 2 buzzards, a male stonechat and quite a few mating bloody nosed beetles being the highlights. The cafĂ© was open but there was only one Chunk pasty left which I graciously let David have - unfortunately that night David was ill with copious vomiting, I don't know if it was the pasty but it was the only thing he ate that I didn't.

Heading home from Wembury and we had a quick stop off at the allotments in Central Park to have a look for the regularly reported ring necked parakeets - no sight of them but I did hear two birds calling. And so on Wednesday 2nd March and after a couple of shitty days at work I left early as I had some time owing and caught the bus home, stopping off on the way at Central Park for another look around - again I heard birds calling and eventually found 4 of them perched in trees right by the footpath - I have seen them at last! - but no binoculars or camera with me to get a really good look at them.

Thursday 3rd March and I had planned to head down to Penzance to have a look for the Hudsonian whimbrel near Marazion but it hadn't been reported for a few days and I wasn't in a great mood so I stayed local and went for a walk along the nature trail at The China Fleet Club near Saltash to look for a reported yellow browed warbler. I have only visited here once before, back in March 2012 when I saw my first lesser yellowlegs, and it was nice to visit here again despite the muddy and chilly conditions.

I checked out any small birds flitting about in the trees and bushes along the path to the bird hide and there was no sign of the yellow browed warbler but I did see a male bullfinch,  a goldfinch, greenfinch, chaffinch, goldcrest, blue tit, wren, robin, great tit, dunnock, blackbird and long tailed tit.

Primrose, China Fleet Club


From the hide a lone avocet was roosting amongst some black headed gulls on the shoreline at the high tide along with 7 black tailed godwits, a snipe, 3 dunlin, redshank, grey heron, little egret and curlew, while on the water were 2 male and a female red breasted merganser, teal, wigeon and shelduck.

Heading back along the path and again I checked out all the small birds and eventually found a very smart firecrest  which showed very well amongst the brambles despite not staying still for a second. Some birders nearby then called the yellow browed warbler and I eventually got onto the bird and had some excellent views of it although it too didn't stay still for very long - it did at least move up into the bare branches of some small trees where it was easier to watch than the firecrest had been. While trying to keep tracks on the yellow browed warbler I also found a chiffchaff flitting about in the undergrowth along with a great spotted woodpecker flying over and I heard 2 water rails squealing in the reeds along the nearby foreshore.

Yellow Browed Warbler - record shot

Yellow Browed Warbler - another record shot

Walking back to Saltash and a flock of 25 redwings were seen flying into the tree tops from the nearby fields along with some starlings. I caught the bus back to Plymouth and stopped off at Central Park again and this time I found 2 ring necked parakeets in the same area as yesterday - this time some nice binocular views and a few poor record shots with my camera.

Black Headed Gull, Central Park

 Ring Necked Parakeet

 Ring Necked Parakeet

 Ring Necked Parakeet

Ring Necked Parakeet

I was pleased to finally connect with the ring necked parakeets after a few missed attempts recently - there have been 9 reported together now including a very blue looking bird. The Hudsonian whimbrel was reported that afternoon as well but I was actually pleased that I had stayed local as it had been an interesting and enjoyable day out and again on my doorstep.

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