Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Tree Lichen Beauty in the Back Yard!

Further to my blog entry of 27th July the moth I caught in the light trap in the back yard on the 24th July has had me puzzled over its ID ever since. I thought it may have been a green form of a marbled minor agg. but could find no mention of green forms in the literature.

On reading Ben Sales excellent blog Essex Moths I saw a photo which looked just like my mystery moth - a tree lichen beauty! It is a rare immigrant moth and I have had the photo ID confirmed by the Devon moth recorder Barry Henwood and am very pleased indeed. Ben Sales was pretty pleased with his record too! Apparently there have been records near Torquay a few years ago but none recently. It just shows what can turn up in the smallest and most urban of gardens.

Tree Lichen Beauty

Tree Lichen Beauty

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