Monday, 23 June 2014

Bude Wildlife

Perfect weather for a few days away at the caravan in Bude - hot and sunny - and on checking out the toilet blocks on arriving on Sunday 15th June it looked like it was going to be good for mothing with Chinese character, lynchis, cinnabar moth, bloodvein, buff tip, spectacle, herald and marbled coronet being found.


I had the moth box out for 2 nights and had a good haul of moths with poplar, elephant and eyed hawkmoths, sharp angled peacock, small fan-foot, pebble prominent, Brussels lace, small angle shades, double square spot and plain golden y being the highlights. I also managed to ID 2 micromoth species - Swammerdamia pyrella and Pseudargyrotoza conwagana.

 Pebble Prominent
 Sharp Angled Peacock
 Small Fan-foot
 Eyed Hawkmoth
 Pseudargyyrotoza conwagana
Swammerdamia pyrella

A few butterflys were also on the wing with a painted lady being the best sighting and along the stream at Crooklets Beach there was a demoiselle sp., a blue tailed damselfly and a large dragonfly sp., possibly hairy dragonfly. In the stream were a few sticklebacks but no sign of any whirligig beetles.

Male Stickleback

Bird wise it was quiet but I did get some good views of Manx shearwaters offshore, most of them distant but a few were closer in including a flock of around 30 which passed very close to the cliffs as they headed North towards Lundy Island. It was interesting to see them fly low over the waves before splashing down on the water and diving to catch food. A few gannets and a fulmar were also seen and while scanning the water I saw a harbour porpoise breaching a few times with others giving their usual blink and miss it fin views although they were quite distant. A fox and 2 hares were seen in a mown hay meadow late one evening but there was no sign of any barn owls. Maer Lake was also quiet with a male teal seen and the subdued quiet singing of a sedge warbler heard being the best of it.

I also had the moth box out in the back yard on my return, only my second time this year, and I had some nice moths including a clouded bordered brindle, a fan-foot, a middle barred minor, a cabbage moth and a few Pseudarygyrotoza conwagana.

Middle Barred Minor

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