Sunday, 14 July 2013

Wembury Walks

The heatwave continues and my walks at Wembury on the 10th and 14th July were hot and sunny and I was glad to get home and in the shade. However with the hot weather insects were very obvious, especially butterflies, with lots of meadow browns and ringlets on the wing and at least 4 marbled whites amongst others.

Small White

 Speckled Bush Cricket
Dark Bush Cricket

The toilet block held a new moth for me, a galium carpet, along with riband waves of both forms and a Brussels lace, and a six spot burnet was on the wing.

 Galium Carpet
 Riband Wave - form remutata
Riband Wave - form aversata

Bird wise it was quiet and despite the heat signs of Autumn were in the air with a common sandpiper, 2 whimbrel and 7 curlew roosting on the rocks at Wembury Point with the oystercatchers. 3 little egrets were seen on the rocks with 8 mallards (an eclipse male and 5 females with 2 young birds) feeding along the shoreline. A green woodpecker was heard yaffling and 2 cirl buntings were heard singing along with chiffchaff, whitethroat and blackcap. A mistle thrush was feeding in the horse field and a juvenile willow warbler was flitting around in the bushes by the footpath at Heybrook Bay.

With the good weather I have finally managed to get the moth trap out in the back yard on the 13th and I had a bumper haul of moths the next morning including a new for the yard green pug and a sandy carpet. Other highlights were a Brussels lace, a clay, a true lovers knot, a small emerald and 3 coronet.

 Sandy Carpet
 True Lovers Knot
 Small Emerald
Heart and Club

Sexton Beetle - found in the moth trap complete with lice- and very smelly!

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