Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Sunshine at Wembury - 1st May 2012

The bad weather from Saturday has continued until today with some very strong winds and lots of rain. The strong winds of yesterday produced a report of some pomarine skuas from Plymouth Hoe which was a bit gutting as I have never seen one before but then I was at work at the time. It also appears from photographs that the black winged stilts in North Devon are different to the Exminster Marsh birds so there have been at least 5 birds in Devon in the last week, perhaps one will drop in on the River Plym for me.

Anyway, today it was noticeably warmer with plenty of sunshine and a gentle breeze so lunch and a walk along the coast of Wembury was in order.  While sitting on the bench overlooking the main beach and enjoying my pasty and coffee a flock of 22 whimbrels flew East along the shoreline before disappearing from view. Later while walking along the coastpath more birds were seen roosting on the rocks and feeding along the beach but it was difficult counting numbers as they were very flighty and mobile due to the high tide and walkers along the beach.


Whitethroats were busily singing and songflighting in the valley to the beach and a further bird was heard singing at Wembury Point. Chiffchaff and blackcap were also heard singing and swallows flew overhead while 2 wheatears were seen feeding along the beach. A pair of stonechats were feeding a solitary fledgling in the old HMS Cambridge grounds at Wembury Point.

Male Stonechat

Butterflies were on the wing in the sunshine with my first red admiral of the year being seen along with a wall, a holly blue, a small white and a large white. One lizard was sunning itself on the wooden fence by the path.

The toilet block held one moth, my first garden carpet of the year.

Garden Carpet

Flies and bumble bees were buzzing around including plenty of these which I think are St. Marks flies.

St.Marks Fly

Plenty of flowers were in bloom including cuckoo flowers in the marshy area in the valley to the beach and these lesser stitchworts by the roadside leading to the beach.

Lesser Stitchwort

And so not a bad walk and with no rain forecast for tonight and warmer temperatures I will be getting the moth box out in the hope of catching more than light brown apple moths!

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