Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Wembury 23rd March

A beautiful Spring day again so out to Wembury for a walk. No pasty and coffee today as the cafe is shut on weekdays until the 1st April but after eating and drinking too much last week in Germany it was good not to have any temptation placed in front of us. A diet coke on the terrace of the Eddystone Inn at Heybrook Bay was sufficient but I did ruin it a bit by having a bag of peanuts.

Bird wise it was quiet but I did hear 2 chiffchaffs singing away and had good views of a pair of cirl buntings in the hedgerow by the HMS Cambridge stubble field and a pair of wheatears feeding in the currently bare wheat field as it was being turned over by a tractor.

Also seen were 2 common lizard basking in the sun, 2 oil beetles, a peacock butterfly and 2 fox moth caterpillars. The harbour porpoise corpse is still on the beach and now turning black in the heat and sunshine -yum!

Sloe blossom

Common lizard


Fox moth caterpillar

Oil beetle

Oil beetle with a splodge of orange oil beetle juice on the right!
The weather was perfect for a hoopoe with one having been seen at Axmouth in the last few days but no luck today. However I started nights on Thursday night, finishing on Monday morning and guess what was seen (briefly) at Wembury on the Saturday while I was sleeping in my bed  -a hoopoe! I've seen loads of hoopoes on various foreign travels but never once in the UK and one on my local patch would be amazing. Never mind.

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